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  • Virtual Online Tamil Keyboard
  • Google Tamil Input Bar
  • Instant suggestion In Tamil Input

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Arun Kumar Senior editor

The Google Tamil Input tool is an easy to use transliteration and language support IME application. It is very efficient in "phonetic transliteration", which allows users to type the Tamil word in any of the supported languages through the keyboard and receive an output of printed Tamil word. The tool also provides auto suggestions of Tamil words, which are displayed as and when the users type in the words phonetically. There is also a virtual Tamil alphabet keyboard that allows users to choose the Tamil letters directly, without using the suggestion or transliteration option. Users can utilize this tool to not only create documents in Tamil but can also perform system and browser functions like – creating a file name in Tamil, Google search in Tamil, etc. When compared to the other Tamil language tools on the market, the Google tool is basic. However, it is free and easily downloadable. People who intend to use the Tamil language tool occasionally can benefit greatly by downloading it. Even though you may find the geatures of this tool too primitive, you still can benefit from the instant suggestion option, which is considered to be one of the best because of Google’s expertise in such kind of APIs.


  • Auto Suggestion option for Tamil words
  • Virtual keypad for Tamil letters
  • Easy to install and use


  • Inbuilt thesaurus and dictionary not available. This can make word selection difficult.
  • Voice command response not available in this free tool

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    Guest Last month

    I was searching the tamil tool.

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    AC Prabu 3 months ago

    If it's about Google software which uses a phonetic way of typing in Tamil which you are reviewing about, then why did anyone have to add the Hindi screenshot at the beginning? It seems inappropriate. There is no reason to include Hindi. I know the Google keyboard layout tool supports other Indian languages, as well. But let's just keep it simple and stick to Tamil alone, i.e particularly when you are reviewing about a tool which write in the Tamil language.

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